The Breast Pump Depot is the fastest way to provide breast pumps for your patients. Ensure your patients have the high-quality breast pumps they need before discharge. HIPAA compliant, proprietary system provides improved outcomes for your patients.

No cost to your facility or to your patient.

  • Ensures adequate breast milk supply when mom is unable to latch baby directly to the breast

  • Reduces unnecessary formula supplementation

  • Increases length of exclusive breastmilk feeding

  • Increases patient satisfaction scores

  • Increases use of Mom’s Own Milk and decreases use of donor milk

  • Decreases cost to facility by reducing use of manual pumps and pumping kits

  • Monthly Reporting, including breastmilk feeding outcomes

Frequently Asked Questions

Requesting a Breast Pump

Using the supplied, HIPAA compliant Breast Pump Depot tablet, requesting a breast pump for your patient is a snap. Requests are submitted by entering 4 data points and snapping two images. HIPAA compliant secure instant messaging is built into the BPD tablet.

A signed prescription and the patient facesheet are quickly submitted through the HIPAA compliant BPD app, using our BPD tablet. How long does it take to receive authorization? During business hours, requests are typically processed in about 2 hours. When a request is time sensitive, submit your order, then call us at 888-877-6334or using your HIPAA compliant, BPD Tablet, secure message us to communicate urgency. You can also request the breast pump be shipped to the client’s home.

Patient choice is an important consideration. Our suggested protocol for ensuring your customers know they have a choice is to communicate clearly when introducing the Breast Pump Depot® program. We are happy to provide examples of patient choice language.

Financial Cost

There is no cost to your facility. Most insurance companies and Medicaid cover breast pumps at 100% with no deductible or copays. We are currently an in-network provider for most insurance companies. To find out which companies, please call us at 888-877-6334, option #3.

Breast Pump Depot® cannot compensate your hospital.

We can work directly with mom in a private pay scenario. No involvement by hospital staff is needed. Since most moms have coverage through Medicaid or private insurance, very few have to self-pay for their breast pumps. If a mom has no insurance coverage and is unable to self-pay, we will refer her to WIC.

Hours of Availability

Our hours of Operation are Monday to Friday 8 am – 7 pm

Saturday and Sunday 9 am-5pm.

Communicate instantly with us using your HIPAA compliant Breast Pump Depot Tablet or call 888-877-6334.

Obtaining Authorization

During business hours, requests are typically be processed in about 2 hours. If you have a time sensitive request, submit your order, then call us at 888-877-6334 or using your HIPAA compliant, BPD Tablet, secure message us to communicate urgency.

Forming a Partnership

Yes. Breast Pump Depot® is a Covered Entity (“CE”) as defined by HIPAA and as such is required to follow the same HIPAA regulations as other health care providers.

Some hospitals require a BAA to launch their Breast Pump Depot®. We will readily execute a BAA if your hospital deems it necessary, but we do not require it.

No. Patients can choose how and from whom they purchase their breast pump. The Breast Pump Depot® is an option the patient can choose or decline.

Some hospitals require a contract prior to launching their Breast Pump Depot®. We are happy to engage in a contractual relationship if needed. However, we do not require a contract. Upon request, we can provide an Equipment Placement Agreement template as a starting point.

Because your hospital has no financial stake in the provision of breast pumps through Breast Pump Depot®, there is no financial conflict of interest. If a patient chooses to obtain equipment from someone other than Breast Pump Depot®, their choice will be honored.

Using your Breast Pump Depot tablet, you can track your supply shipments from the time they leave our doorstep until they reach you. You will know where your pumps are in real time.

Moms receiving a Breast Pump from the Breast Pump Depot experience improved breastmilk feeding outcomes

“Because of your company, very few of our NICU moms go home without a pump now.  This means our long term breastfeeding rates are continuing to increase, and we have overflowing breastmilk freezers, and need to buy less donor milk! So its a very big deal!!  Please share this with your staff.  This is why I’m so “pumped” on making sure all my moms leave with a pump”
B. Edwards, RN, IBCLC

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