Forming a Partnership

Yes. Breast Pump Depot® is a Covered Entity (“CE”) as defined by HIPAA and as such is required to follow the same HIPAA regulations as other health care providers.

Some hospitals require a BAA to launch their Breast Pump Depot®. We will readily execute a BAA if your hospital deems it necessary, but we do not require it.

No. Patients can choose how and from whom they purchase their breast pump. The Breast Pump Depot® is an option the patient can choose or decline.

Some hospitals require a contract prior to launching their Breast Pump Depot®. We are happy to engage in a contractual relationship if needed. However, we do not require a contract unless the facility wishes to incorporate our hospital grade breast pumps into their Breast Pump Depot®. Upon request, we can provide an Equipment Placement Agreement template as a starting point.

Because your hospital has no financial stake in the provision of breast pumps through Breast Pump Depot®, there is no financial conflict of interest. If a patient chooses to obtain equipment from someone other than Breast Pump Depot®, their choice will be honored.

Using your Breast Pump Depot tablet, you can track your supply shipments from the time they leave our doorstep until they reach you. You will know where your pumps are in real time.