Alyssa Hands Free Wearable

The new Ardo Alyssa Hands Free is a compact (1lb), easy-to-use and innovative electric breast pump with built-in battery and hospital strength of 250mmHg, whether single or double pumping.  The Ardo Alyssa is the world’s first and only breast pump to feature an automatic Power Pumping function that mimics cluster feeding, which is shown to increase milk supply. In addition, the Ardo Alyssa Memory Plus functions allows the mother to save her pumping session, including settings, pump time, and stimulation/let down selection.  Thanks to its high cycles and vacuum, Ardo Alyssa is the world’s first Personal NICU Pump for mothers of preemie babies.  With its integrated battery, Ardo Alyssa gives breast pumpers the flexibility to pump anywhere, anytime, for 2 days.

Model: Alyssa
Model Number: 63.00.453
Kit: Double pump kit
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 16 ounces
Bag Included: None
Alternate Power Source: Built in rechargeable battery
Covered by Insurance: yes

Kit Includes:

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • AC adapter with USB cable
  • Manual adapter
  • (2) 24mm breast shields
  • (2) 19mm breast shield inserts
  • (2) six-ounce collection containers
  • Amaryll Manual Pump

Amaryll Manual Pump comes with:

  • Lip valve + spare lip valve
  • Casing cover
  • Membrane pot
  • Manual operating lever
  • Milk bottle, 150ml (5 fl.oz.), bottle cap, cap liner
  • Bottle stand