Commit to
10 Days of Breastfeeding

Make a commitment, Achieve great things.

Why is it important to have a breastfeeding goal?

by Alisa Sanders, RN, IBCLC, RLC

Having a goal or length of time you want to provide breast milk for your baby helps you to be successful. Setting short-term goals provides a sense of pride and accomplishment while working toward larger, long-term goals. The first 10 -14 days after birth are very important for establishing a mom’s milk supply. If moms can build their milk supply in the immediate post-partum period it allows them to have a better milk supply for whatever length of time they choose to provide breastmilk. 

Make one of your breastmilk feeding goals a, Commit to a Ten-Day, promise of breast milk feeding. Making a promise or commitment and telling your family and friends helps you to reach this important milestone for breastfeeding. If you would like to make the Commit to Ten Challenge, sign up here. Join us on our Facebook Perinatal Lactation Community to post your commitment.

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